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My desktop AIR app has an area for drag n drop images.

The images are assumed to be from the Local Disk where the app is running on.

The drag n dropped images will be zipped up into a zip file and then uploaded to a server.

The images are usually first stored into an ArrayCollection.

I want to iteratively go through each file and determine the following.

Height & Width (in pixels), Resolutions(in dpi)

Should any of the files fail to meet some predetermined criteria, the code should prompt an error message and stop proceeding with the zip.

Should the files be zipped into a zip file, I will store the new zipped file inside the applicationStorageDirectory awaiting upload.

After which I want to determine the size of this newly generated zip file in mB

How do I access the above 4 statistics using Adobe Flash Builder 4.6?

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You can parse out the header information for JPGs and PNGs (including height, width, and, for some JPGs, DPI) without loading the whole file. I haven't fully evaluated the approaches in the links, but the general approach of using a FileStream to get the first few bytes and then parsing those as a header will work for these (and many other) formats.

Once you've created the zip file, FileReference.size will give you the file size. (File inherits this property).

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