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I would like to be able to get the number of consumers listening to a topic from java for an embedded ActiveMQ (5.4.2) broker in the same JVM. Is JMX really the only option here? JMX seems like a bad option since it may be optionally disabled. This post shows how to use JMX to get a list of connections: ActiveMQ: Get list of connections through JMX?

I would prefer a non-JMX based solution though due to it perhaps being disabled. I guess JMX would be ok if it was still usable from java when disabled. I am just familiar with enabling/disabling it for use with jconsole.

Am I missing something in the API?

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you can use Advisory Messages to get the number of consumers of queues/topics (amongst other things) without using JMX (see ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer.Topic, etc)...

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I think that the consumer count in the statistics plugin should give you what you want. And I'm fairly sure that the statistics plugin can be enabled in an embedded broker.

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I like this (+1) but am going to go with boday for the check since that appears to be a simpler technique for what I am after, i.e. does not require a plugin. – Ryan R. Apr 24 '12 at 19:41

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