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I'm investiguating clickonce deployment for a .NET application. This application contains a duplicated sets a assemblies (in different folders). The reason is that this application embed an asp.net web site that is used in-process. The winform app and the web site a sharing a set of dll for business logic and core plumbing.

When i generate the app manifest using MageUI.exe, i get warnings about duplicated assemblies, but the manifest is created anyway.

When i try to install this application, it seems the manifest is declared malformed by clickonce.

Is it possible that duplicated assemblies are the cause of this ? Is there a way to support that with clickonce ?

thanks a lot.

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You may want to look into the GAC. I'm not sure if that will fix the issue or not. You could also try a common assembly folder. In other words, removing the duplicates, but trying to have the same end result.

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I will investigate the use of the <probing> config tag to group common assemblies in same folder. Thanks –  Andre Jun 25 '09 at 12:36
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Finally had success using the config element

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Care to elaborate? –  redcalx May 30 '13 at 16:57

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