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Is it possible to download other people's examples, and load their code into tabs?

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Nice Idea..! But you can't. Its not possible..:-) – user370305 Apr 24 '12 at 5:12
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No, all the activities must be declare in your Manifest

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I don't know its your answer, what you are looking for it, (And As I understand your question)

Simple strategic logic. What about the code compilation, code build-up and make a .dex code for it? Android .apk file is build up using .dex files and only executable, If you are adding new code then you have to compile those classes once again and make a new .apk file, I don't think any device provides such platforms for it. And if you want to do this on .apk file on your machine then you have to make some reverse engineering process and add newly download code into it, tehn again build up process for application.

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No you cannot load Activityes dynamically as they need to be declared in Manifest.

What you can do is to have WebView in your Activity and load their contents hosted some where, but this will be a Web Application rather a native Android application.

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