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I'm trying to build an inventory using Accordion and Sortable via JQuery UI.

Goal / Features: - here is what I'd like to have this do:

  1. Limiting Sortables - an item from one accordion CANNOT be placed back in another grouping (though I might allow an X to just delete it from the list on the bottom)
  2. Removing Horizontal Scroll - Right now when I'm doing this in my own code (though not in my jsfiddle version below) and I drag something to the side, it sometimes causes the accordion div to scroll horizontally endlessly. I've tried limiting the scroll sideways using overflow-x: hidden; but that didn't work either. This happens when I utilize in my server file which I can't seem to get to work in jsfiddle so my apologies if this isn't something anyone can see working there. You can, however, see the bug (sort of) here: if you try to drag one of them far to the right.

Current version (jsfiddle): - Here is my current version:

Source Files/Links: The original concept from here:

I've tried the following to no effect:

Similar Working Version: Here is a version someone wrote which is similar, but s/he seems to have modified the jquery ui libraries and I couldn't get it to look as nice as I was hoping for:

Accordion plus Sortable

Thank you kindly! ~trk

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