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I need to pass javascript code (server-side and client-side) to a custom control which should then get executed on click on button inside the custom control.

For this I created a property in custom control, say codessjs, with type javax.faces.el.MethodBinding and editor as Method Binding Editor. On the click of button (inside custom control) I wrote code like this:

compositeData.codessjs.invoke(facesContext, null)

But it throws me an error 'compositeData.codessjs' is null despite the code being present in the XPage source. How can I get the code to execute?

For client side javascript code I can find the editor Client side script editor in custom control properties, but what should be the type of the property? And how can I execute the csjs code in custom control?

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If you want to use a method binding this way, you have to create a method binding as parameter for the custom control:

         var app = facesContext.getApplication();
         app.createMethodBinding("#{javascript:print('HELLO!');}", null);

Then, your button inside the custom control is able to invoke the method. In this case, the button will print HELLO! to the server console.

The type of the CSJS property is string. To execute CSJS code you can modify your button in your custom control to something like this:

<xp:button value="Label" id="button1">
   <xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="false">

In your XPage, the custom control property can be filled this way:


Hope this helps


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Thanks Sven.. :) – Naveen Apr 26 '12 at 2:39

Have you tried the JavaScript eval function? It works for serverSide JS.

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