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I call a page using jquery ajax, and get the response and display it in bootstrap modal. This page displays a popover when it's called in the browser separately using the function


the popover appears, but inside the modal the popover doesn't appear.


the problem is JS problem, where the error is $('a[rel=popover]').popover is not a function

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With Bootstrap you'll find that the popover and the modal have the same z-index:

.modal .popover,.modal .twipsy{z-index:12000;}

You'll need to manually over ride the popover z-index if the containing element is a modal: I'm not sure you can use CSS to do it, but you can definitely do it in js.

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Thanks for you response, but I forgot to mention the problem is JS problem, where the error is $('a[rel=popover]').popover is not a function –  Adham Apr 24 '12 at 6:57
You're either not loading the bootstrap popover library somehow, or the modal is being added to the page in a way that prevents the popover library from adding the appropriate function to the page. –  Femi Apr 24 '12 at 7:05

See the problem here is that the popover is displayed even inside the modal but as the z-index of modal is greater than that of the popover you would not be able to see it. I changed the z-index of the popover element and now it is working, so you can refer this JSFIDDLE to see a live example.


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