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My query with argument like /sdcard/Shri Ramachandra Bhajana.mp3 as a selection condition for the query

"SELECT start,end FROM crop_list WHERE name ="+"trim('argument')"

but its returning 0 rows in the cursor.Although there are many entries in the database table.

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Change to:

"SELECT start,end FROM crop_list WHERE name = '"+ argument.trim() + "'"
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tried this worked fine....:) – Vin99999 Apr 24 '12 at 18:18
"SELECT start,end FROM crop_list WHERE name = trim('"<argument>"')"

where argument is your string.

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Change your query to

SELECT start, end FROM crop_list WHERE name = trim('" + argument+"')

where your argument is

String argument = "/sdcard/Shri Ramachandra Bhajana.mp3";
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