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The biggest issue here is auto-adjusting the scale. I have 4 data vectors: 3 representing data collected (to be plotted on the y-axis) and one representing the x-axis values.

I want to plot these 3 lines against each other. But also, their values tend to be very small (maxing out around 0.1 most of the time). The default is a plot from 0 to 1. How do I make that auto-adjust?

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what's plot itself doing wrong? it (I think always) adjusts the scale automatically

y1 = x/100;
y2 = log(x)/25;
y3 = 0.4./x;
y = [y1 ; y2 ; y3];

As you can see in the following picture enter image description here

this plots here on my computer with xlim = [0 10] and ylim = [0 0.4], which is equal to the span of respectively vector x and matrix y.

If the axes are still not as you like them, you can set them yourself with

xlim([minx maxx]);
ylim([miny maxy]);

possibly in combination with min and max functions on the data x(:) and y(:) as follows:

xlim([min(x(:)) max(x(:))]);
ylim([min(y(:)) max(y(:))]);
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