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I'm creating a stored procedure which gets some parameters and in turn these parameters are sent to another stored procedure which I'm calling from openrowset but I'm getting some syntax errors.

    -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here

        @startDate datetime,
        @endDate datetime,
        @productGroup varchar(8000) = 'All',
        @projectType varchar(500) = 'All',
        @businessUnit nvarchar(50) = 'All',
        @developmentLocation nvarchar(100) = 'All'
    -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
    -- interfering with SELECT statements.

declare @start varchar(50)
declare @end varchar(50) 

set @start = cast(@startDate as varchar(40))
set @end = cast(@endDate as varchar(40))

    -- Insert statements for procedure here
select round(avg(a.DeviationDeadline),2) as DeviationDeadline, 
       round(avg(a.DeviationDefinition),2) as DeviationDefinition,
       round(avg(a.DeviationRDCosts),2) as DeviationRDCosts,
       round(avg(a.FunctionsAdded) + avg(a.FunctionsDeleted),2) as NotRealizedFuncs, 
       round(avg(a.DeviationPM2000Aufwand),2) as DeviationPM200Aufwand,
       round(avg(b.Defect),2) as Defect
       into #tempTable 
from openrowset('SQLNCLI', 
                'SET NOCOUNT ON;SET FMTONLY OFF;EXEC [BSC_DB].dbo.SelectScorecardGraphData
                ') as a,

    openrowset('SQLNCLI', 'Server=.\sqlexpress;Trusted_Connection=yes;',  'SET NOCOUNT ON;SET FMTONLY OFF;EXEC [BSC_DB].dbo.GetSPCDefectDistributionData
'''+cast(@startDate as varchar(40))+''',
'''+cast(@endDate as varchar(40))+''',
'''+@developmentLocation+'''') as b

update dbo.EA_ProcessScorecard_Config_Tbl
set EPC_Deviation = case EPC_Metric
    when 'PM200' then (select  DeviationDefinition from #tempTable)
    when 'PM300' then (select  DeviationDeadline from #tempTable)
    when 'Cost'  then (select  DeviationRDCosts from #tempTable)
    when 'PM150' then (select  DeviationPM200Aufwand from #tempTable)
    when 'Defect' then (select Defect from #tempTable)
    when 'Funcs' then (select NotRealizedFuncs from #tempTable)
where EPC_Description = 'PrevFY' and EPC_FYYear = '0'

drop table #tempTable



I'm not able to create it and I get the error message:

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure UpdatePrevFYConfigData, 
Line 38 Incorrect syntax near '+'.

... but if I use hard coded values for the parameters it works!!

Please help!

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Both OPENROWSET and OPENDATASOURCE should be used only for accessing external data for, let's say, quick and dirty solutions, or when it is not possible to configure a permanent linked server. These functions do not provide all of the functionality available from a linked server. The arguments of OPENROWSET and OPENDATASOURCE do not support variables. They have to be specified as string-literal. If variables need to be passed in as arguments to these functions, a query string containing these variables can be constructed dynamically and executed using the EXEC statement. Similar to (not syntax checked)

DECLARE @sqlCommand varchar(1000)
SET @sqlCommand = 'SELECT *
FROM OPENROWSET(''SQLNCLI'',''server=.\sqlexpress;Trusted_Connection=yes'',''SET NOCOUNT ON;SET FMTONLY OFF;EXEC [BSC_DB].dbo.SelectScorecardGraphData ''''' + cast(@param1 as varchar(10)) + ''''',''' + cast(@param2 as varchar(n)) ''')'
EXEC @sqlCommand

And so on... Hope that helps. Kind regards, Stefan

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No use if the point of using OPENROWSET to call a stored proc was to put the results into a SELECT statement. I guess it simply cannot be done and the stored proc being called needs to be changed into a function. This is the solution I ended up settling on. –  Neo Jul 11 '13 at 16:30

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