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Is there a way to start the JVM (with a specified Java class to run and, perhaps, some arguments) from Python without third party libraries (e.g. Jython)? Maybe with Python's subprocess module?

I'm not concerned with calling methods on a Java class from Python, just starting a Java application.

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The subprocess module should work fine. Is there a specific problem you are having with using it?

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I haven't used it before. Could you provide an example if possible? –  XåpplI'-I0llwlg'I - Apr 24 '12 at 6:45
@Mantis, there are examples at the link you posted in the question. There are a lot of ways to use subprocess, so any specific example won't be much use to you. You'll have to try it out with your use case and let us know any errors or problems you have or things you don't understand from the documentation –  gnibbler Apr 24 '12 at 9:38

You can use subprocess module for this purpose.

I used check_output to

Run command with arguments and return its output as a byte string.

>>> import subprocess
>>> output  = subprocess.check_output("java test")
>>> output
'hello world\r\n'

where test.java is a standard hello world example java file.

Alternatively you can use check_call

>>> import subprocess
>>> subprocess.check_call('java test')
hello world
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if the problem is how to start a java application like any external app. you can use

>>> variables= {}
>>> execfile( "someFile.jar", variables )
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