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I'm trying to bind an enum AgeRange using Html.DropDownListFor but regardless of whatever I'm choosing from View page, Controller is getting a value '0'. Can anyone help me to fix this issue?

EDIT: Controller code in place.

Enum Class:

public enum AgeRange
  Unknown = -1,    
  [Description("< 3 days")]
  AgeLessThan3Days = 1,    
  [Description("3-6 days")]
  AgeBetween3And6 = 2,    
  [Description("6-9 days")]
  AgeBetween6And9 = 3,    
  [Description("> 9 days")]
  AgeGreaterThan9Days = 4


      model => model.Filter.AgeRangeId,
      new { @class = "search-dropdown", name = "ageRangeId" }


public ActionResult Search(int? ageRangeId)
   var filter = new CaseFilter { AgeRangeId = (AgeRange)(ageRangeId ?? 0) };
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I suggested that you needed a closing bracket so I edited – Shegit Brahm Apr 24 '12 at 7:09
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You're close...

I'd suggest following along with this guy

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You have to write an extension method for your selectlist to work.

I use this

public static SelectList ToSelectList<TEnum>(this TEnum enumeration) where TEnum : struct
  //You can not use a type constraints on special class Enum.
  if (!typeof(TEnum).IsEnum)
    throw new ArgumentException("TEnum must be of type System.Enum");
  var source = Enum.GetValues(typeof(TEnum));
  var items = new Dictionary<object, string>();
  foreach (var value in source)
    FieldInfo field = value.GetType().GetField(value.ToString());
    DisplayAttribute attrs = (DisplayAttribute)field.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(DisplayAttribute), false).First();
    items.Add(value, attrs.GetName());
  return new SelectList(items, Constants.PropertyKey, Constants.PropertyValue, enumeration);
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