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Just wondered if there is a known issue with GA having trouble tracking a site which has a Wordpress directory?

It seems to be able to track all of my other pages on the site, but we have a /news/ directory which is powered by Wordpress and it doesn't pick this up at all. It is obviously an issue with the fact that this directory is a Wordpress blog, but there must be a way to track it with all of the other pages.

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Aaahhh... Sounds like the google analytics tracking code is present on your main site pages, but is not included in the wordpress template that's applied to that sub-section of your site.

The GA tracking code must be visible to google on every page you want to have tracked.

Try 'View Source' in your browser, and check wether the analytics tracking code is present.

If not, you could hard-code the GA tracking code in, or use one of the free WordPress Plugins to do it for you, like 'Google Analytics':

Hope this helps - post back if you're still having problems!


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Ah silly me, completely forgot that the framework I put my GA tracking code into wouldn't affect my Wordpress site. I need to either install one of those plugins or hardcode it in. – remi90 Apr 24 '12 at 7:14

It may not be related, but did you check if your blog is indexable? Under Settings -> Privacy you can check if its enabled.

Another option is to install a google analytics plugin for the blog. If you enter the same credentials from your already-in-use GA it should be combined. I'm using this one on my blog and its working.

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