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I have created editable grid in which I am adding all the cell widgets. Now I want to check for some condition and replace a cell or column with another cell widget. For example if I have defined a column of EditTextCell, based on a boolean condition I have to change that column to have selectioncells(combo box). How to achieve this?

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There are three ways to do that:

  1. Use a CompositeCell with an EditTextCell and a SelectionCell and override the render method of the CompositeCell to render either the EditTextCell or the SelectionCell based on a boolean flag that you store in your DTOthat is bound to the Cell.

  2. Create a custom cell extending AbstractEditableCell for example (see this tutorial) and implement the functionality yourself. You can check out the code for SelectionCell and EditTextCell and copy most of it. In the render method you have to either display a dropdownlist or just a text based on the boolean flag.

  3. Extend either EditTextCell or SelectionCell and implement the missing functionality. The advantage is that you can probably re-use some of the render methods and you don't have to write the complete render code yourself.

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