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I am trying to achieve the below but not sure if its possible and what should the syntax be ?

<c:if condition is true>
  <c:set cookie using JSTL>

I am thinking ,since cookie is only set on client side and JSTL is used for doing things on server side, it cannot be done.

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You can't set a cookie using JSTL. JSTL doesn't have any tags for this functionality. JSTL runs during generating the HTTP response, while a cookie needs to be set in the HTTP response header long before generating the HTTP response. There's otherwise means of an illegal state.

Use a preprocessing servlet or filter instead wherein you can just call response.addCookie()

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Thanks @BalusC for your answer. I thought the same, but wasn't too sure. Just wanted to confirm. –  user1006072 Apr 24 '12 at 20:39

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