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I have a aosp mirror on a server called git.
I can repo init via ssh:
repo init -u gerrit2@git:mirrors/platform/manifest
then repo sync
The problem is trying upload the changes
repo upload
the upload is to platform/frameworks/base
but in gerrit which has the the projects in mirrors/platform
the project name is '/frameworks/base'
changing the project name in .repo/manifest.xml to /frameworks/base in client side solves this but this breaks repo sync.

Any advice would be much appriciated


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On a terminal, go to the frameworks/base folder and type this command:

git config remote.aosp.projectname mirrors/platform/frameworks/base

then run repo upload .

You can check the git config file at frameworks/base/.git/config What you are doing is telling git that you have an extra folder: mirrors

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Thanks. This solves the problem –  Asi Mugrabi Aug 29 '12 at 7:20

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