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I imported information from txt files. I have 3 files, and one field from this file is a price with different format.

The format on column is DECIMAL(12,5)

file 1 -> $price_1 = 000000000000024.99

file 2 -> $price_2 = 25476,99

file 3 -> $price_3 = 3,768.44

Before inserting in mySQL table I using folowing script:

For file 1

$price = (real)number_format($price_1 , 2, '.', '');

For file 2

$price = (real)str_replace(",", ".", $price_2);

For file 3

$price = (real)str_replace(",", "", price_3);

I do't know if this format is correct before I insert a record in the table? If there is any other solution I'll be very grateful. I apologize for my English. Thanks in advance!

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If you are absolutely, completely sure that the numbers are in those formats, you can do that, yes. But if I'm guessing correctly, price_2 could also look like 12.345.678,90 and then you would be in trouble. –  Mr Lister Apr 24 '12 at 8:13
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You can use printf or sprintf php functions to get numbers in proper format.

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