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I have a CI calendar showing on a page, with an array of data sent to populate each day, and that's working fine, however I seem to have run into a small problem that I can't quite wrap my head around.

I've only known CI for about 3 days (and OOP based PHP for 5 days!), so forgive me if this is something incredibly simple.

I need to get a variable ($pid) into my calendar's next/prev links. The $pid will define which property to get from the DB, and to display the properties rates for the selected month.

In my "MY_Calendar.php" file, I have the following:

var $CI;
var $lang;
var $local_time;
var $template       = '';
var $start_day      = 'sunday';
var $month_type     = 'long';
var $day_type       = 'abr';
var $show_next_prev = TRUE;
var $next_prev_url  = '/ci/index.php/rates/property/1/';

Where the /1/ is in the url, I need that to change to whatever the $pid is of the page that the calendar is on.

How can I get this variable into the class file?

I'm assuming it'd be a simple PHP concatenation to get the variable in the URL.

I tried calling the preferences via "$this->load->library('calendar', $prefs);"

But the preferences didn't seem to come through (I had a array named $prefs on the same page)

Any ideas? :)

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why are you using the $CI superobject? Are you working in a Codeigniter view, calling it from a model, right? –  Patroklo Apr 24 '12 at 10:48
That's what was initially in the calendar.php file, which I then made into MY_calendar.php. I'm loading the library in a controller, and then outputting the result to a view. Is this how I should be doing this? –  spilla Apr 24 '12 at 11:11

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If you've already extended the CI_Calendar class, just add a new class property:

var $pid = 1;

If you pass in the config array, and you're calling the parent constructor, it should allow you to pass in / set the $pid variable.

Then you'd obviously remove that value from $next_prev_url.

Finally, you will override the function that outputs the next/prev buttons to concatenate the $next_prev_url with the correct $pid. You should set $pid to the current page, so teh previous will be -1 and next +1, ofcourse checking for the min and max page number to prevent those links from being shown if you get to the end.

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Does this look right to you? $this->load->library('calendar', $prefs); $data['cal'] = $this->calendar->generate($year, $month, $data['combined_array'], $prefs); It doesn't seem to load the $prefs array, only loading the default config in the MY_calendar.php file –  spilla Apr 29 '12 at 7:52

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