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I have a bunch of functions that I call that produce output that is displayed to the console. Functions might look something like the following:

exec { & .\xunit.console.clr4 tests.xunit }


exec { & .\nuget.exe pack $source_dir\ZocMonLib\NuSpec\ZocMon.nuspec -OutputDirectory $build_dir\local -Symbols -Version $version }

Now I know I could do something like powershell indentation but that only works if I control the output.

How do I do the indenting of output for these private functions?

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Ok, I wrote a version that does the line wrapping right. But it's slightly complicated. I posted it on PoshCode http://poshcode.org/3386

That should work for Write-Host or Write-Verbose, but it will not work if those functions are actually outputting objects -- you'd have to pipe to Write-Host.

The function on PoshCode will (optionally) auto-indent based on the stack depth, but also allow you to specify -Pad 5 or something to manually indent, so you can call nuget.exe ... | write-host -pad 5 or just stick | Write-Host wherever you need it, and then set $WriteVerboseAutoIndent = $true ...

Hope that helps -- it does do manual line wrapping on the output of exes, so it should work.

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There's not a great solution, because PowerShell doesn't always run in the console window. Other hosting applications might or might not support tab characters, and might not even support Write-Host. If your goal is strictly to support console display, consider writing a "Format-Console" function.

nuget list NuGetPowerTools | Format-Console

Inside that function, you can capture the pipeline input (which I presume would be strings since this is an external command). Each line of output would be a single String object, so...

Write-Host "    $x"

Would display that indented by four spaces.

function Format-Console {
    PROCESS { Write-Host "    $inputObject" }

That's kinda quick and dirty, but assuming you only ever pipe strings to it, it'll work. Building this as a function lets it be more reusable; using the Format- verb cues other users that the output of this isn't intended to be consumable. It technically isn't a true "Format" cmdlet since it doesn't output internal formatting directives, but it's consistent with the usage pattern for

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The problem with that is the line-wrapping... – Jaykul Apr 24 '12 at 20:03
As @Jaykul says the problem I now have is line-wrapping. Anyone got any ideas on how to deal with this? – anthonyv Apr 25 '12 at 0:01

Can't you assign the result of your private functions to a string and "tab" that string?

$x = nuget list NuGetPowerTools
Write-Host "`t`t$x"
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