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Am new to the whole testing automation approach. how can i write keyword driven tests using the robot framework with a .Net developed GUI. am not really certain about this.

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I can think of at least three possible solutions.

You could have your GUI implement an xmlrpc server in a separate thread. You could then use the robot remote library interface to drive the GUI.

The second option is to use the autoit library. The advantage is that you don't have to modify your program. The dowside is, you don't have access to the internal state of the GUI.

A third option is to run robot with ironpython, which gives you access to the whole .NET ecosystem. You can write keywords directly in C# to do whatever you need to do to talk to your app.

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I've tried all of the above suggestions, and have found that the RF Remote Library combined with Sharp Robot Remote Server (in C#) is by far the best solution.

Worth mentioning is the White framework, which can be combined with your C# library to give you easier access to the UI elements.

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Another way is to use Sikuli, Sikuli introduces new way of automated testing - test using screenshots and images, without using any internal API of objects under test. This approach (using purely images/screenshots and generating mouse and keyboard events) is more similar to manual testing activities performed by real people which have just monitor, mouse and keyboard.

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