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I have a column which does not allow null but allow empty string. I toggle the Allow Empty String validation property but still get the A value is required error when insert data with empty string. As a result, I have to put a white space in that field and then change it to empty string in edit mode. How can I fix this?

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@Paul - Allow Empty String is only applicable for string properties in an attached data source, so you won't see the option if you're using the intrinsic database.

@Walter - I think you're having the problem because a string property is initialised to Null, not an empty string. If you want the TextBox to contain an empty string, you'll need to initialise it to an empty string in the in the table's Created method, or in the screen's InitialiseDataWorkspace method. In SQL Server, this is normal. Null means nothing's been entered for the property, whereas an empty string means this property has deliberately been set to no value. It's a subtle difference & can easily trip people up.

I hope that makes sense:

Null = the column's value is unknown (hasn't been entered)

Blank String = the column's value has been deliberately set to blank

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Where do you see the Allow Empty String validation property? Is this a String type column? I don't see an Allow Empty String property in neither of LightSwitch 2010 nor 2011 (beta)

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Yes, it's a string column. You can find it in Data Source Designer. –  walterhuang Apr 26 '12 at 1:03

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