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I think my problem lies in the fact I am finding it hard to describe what the problem is (so my googling is leading me down blind alleys).

I have spent a day using tools such as ProcMon, ProcProcess, DebugDiag, Windbg which are other-worldly to say the least to see if I can fathom the root cause.

The behaviour is this:

Periodically the website goes into "hang mode" - there's nothing logged to elmah, nothing reported to the browser, nothing in the event log, memory for the process seems average.

The site simply fails to return a response - the browser sits there happily for hours waiting and waiting, spinning away awaiting response and nothing comes.

What would you call this and where would you start? I have one server in a 4 server farm currently out of the farm but exhibiting this behaviour. I'm flayling in the dark cos I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Maybe I already missed the boat with the root cause and what is left is just bad breath?

An app pool recycle makes it goes away for a few days...

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Brain twister. Any db connection leaks? Although this should still be logged (timeout error). How about the IIS log? Anything (else) on that box that can be spawned/attacked/DOSed - maybe its not your app (the app that you are monitoring)? –  EdSF Apr 25 '12 at 5:49
Im having exactly the same issue. Strangely disabling elmah seems to resolve the issue. I also found that my elmah seems to "hang" when any resource is returning an 404 error. Im using elmah 1.2 (sp1 I think) using the xml log writer. The issue only happens on a local dev enviroment (Currently using VS2012 IISEXPRESS, but also had this issue in VS2010 Cassini) –  MrGoo Nov 18 '12 at 17:14

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