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I am working on a Cocos2D + Box2D iphone game and have very little experience on this platform.

To detail my issue: I have a list of lines that composite my game ground. I would like to draw below this lines some texture. How can i draw this from a given image and make sure that the texture is seamless and performance optimal(i.e. the game can be quite long)?

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You need to add the background before anything else. Here mainScene is the CCScene that your CCDirector will use. Cocos2D uses the middle of your image as position.

[CCTexture2D setDefaultAlphaPixelFormat:kTexture2DPixelFormat_RGBA4444];
CCSprite *background = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"background.png"];
background.position = ccp(1024/2, 768/2);
[mainScene addChild:background];

RGBA4444 makes your images smaller but they won't look good when they have gradients. The default one is RGBA8888.

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For anyone interested, i found this thread very helpful:

for the source code:

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