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Recently, i am working on a project using Sitecore Azure. when creating a web form, we use Web Forms for Marketers module provided by Sitecore. It works fine in local environment. but when we publish it to Azure. it dose not work. Because there is no database for web form in Azure. Has anyone experienced this before, maybe you guys can help me. Thanks

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How do you have WFFM configured in your local interface? Is WFFM set up to point to a SQL database or is it configured as a local file? – divamatrix Apr 24 '12 at 19:54
In my local interface, i set WFFM to point to SQL server. – user822211 Apr 25 '12 at 1:15
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Finally, i get it down.

first, you need to create a same database for WFFM as the local one Sitecore_WebForms in SQL Azure. Here is a link tells you how to do it.

second, change the connection string in forms.config to point to the database in sql azure. here is a example.

<formsDataProvider type="Sitecore.Forms.Data.DataProviders.WFMDataProvider,Sitecore.Forms.Core">
  <param desc="connection string">Database=Sitecore_WebForms;Data,1433;user id=YOURID;password=YOURPASSWORD;Connect Timeout=60</param>

This is how i fix it. Hope it helps if anyone has the same problem.

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Only Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) 2.4 or higher is compatible with Sitecore Azure module. Additionally, you must use SQL Server version of WFFM database, which must be shared between all WebRole Instances. Please check the details here:

How to add WFFM database in Sitecore Azure and automatically deploy it with entire Sitecore solution read in the following article:

Best Wishes, Oleg

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