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i am developing an application in which Authorization is a model. provider is a field of the model. i have definned attr_accessor for provider field

attr_accessor :provider

Although its not needed, unknowingly i defined it and faced a issue, when i tried to create a record for the model

Authorization.create(:user_id => user.id, :uid => hash['uid'], :provider =>

the user_id is being assinged the value of user.id(user is a variable in my function) but provider is always being assigned null(hash['provider'] contains a value.

when i remove the attr_accessor every thing works fine and my issue got solved. but why it did not work previously? i am just curious to know what was the issue?

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I think you probably meant to define an attr_accessible (assuming that provider is a field in your database.)

attr_accessor is a ruby method to create an attribute (with an instance variable, getter and setter) on a class (or in the context of rails, a virtual attribute). You want to create one on a model, which is what attr_accessible is for.

Please see http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/95220 for a more detailed explanation.

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