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Let's say I have a variable $foo:

$foo = "   a          a             blablabla          a        a";

But when I do var_dump($foo) the following gets outputted:

string(57) " a a blablabla a a"

It's like the length (57 in this case) it's correct and it counts the spaces, but it doesn't display them. How can I display the full string, including the multiple spaces in between the other characters?

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If you use <pre> tag the text appears in the brower as you typed it. Couple of links:

You could also replace spaces with non breaking space &nbsp;.

Web browsers ignore a lot white space in the code which is nice. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to intend our source code or use newlines much...

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Thanks! I did wonder why browsers omit indentation, now it makes sense. The <pre> tag works perfectly – federicot Apr 24 '12 at 10:38

Are you by any chance doing this in a browser. If so you need to do this.

<?php echo var_dump($foo); ?>

Because I just tried in command line and I get the output with spaces. Browsers don't handle multiple spaces and they trim them down. If you want a browser to handle multiple spaces you have to use the output inside a <pre> tag or use &nbsp; instead of spaces.

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something like echo str_replace(' ', '&nbsp;',$test);

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