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I have a PHP application which is used by clients to send emails to their customers. There is a page that lets client user build email templates to send to their customers.

I want to add a functionality called 'Spam check'. This will allow client users to check their email template pass spam filter or not.

I have spamassassin installed on the server. How do I use it to check spam contents in the email template before it is sent to the customers ?

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Solution 1

You can use Bayesian Spam Filter

For Background Knowledge

Bayesian probability :
Bayesian inference :

PHP Implementation It has been discussed here several times

Combining individual probabilities in Naive Bayesian spam filtering

Solution 2

Since you have spamassassin installed on your system you can

$fname = tempnam ( "/tmp", "sa" );
file_put_contents ( $fname, $message ); // Put the template in a file
/* Execute the system command and pass the file name to get spam count */
exec ( "/usr/bin/spamc -R < $fname", $score, $rr );
/* This will return score details in array format */
print_r ( $score );

You can now manipulate the score for spam filter

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