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I have a fairly simple question which I thought would be easy to setup, but is proving difficult.

I have a Magento installation, and I want it to have 2 websites, with two languages on each. Then wehen I go on the tennis UK domain it loads the UK store. If I go on the French domain it loads the French store.

This is how it is working now (INCORRECT):

Tennis UK (website)
Tennis UK (store & store views)

Tennis FR (website)
Tennis FR (store & store views)

Volleyball UK (website)
Volleyball UK (store & store views)

Volleyball FR (website)
Volleyball FR (store & store views)

This is how I'd prefer it to work (CORRECT):

Tennis (website)
Tennis UK / Tennis FR (stores & store views)

Volleyball (website)
Volleyball UK / Volleyball FR (stores & store views)

In the htaccess I am running a script to run the correct website, but I thought that I should also be able to run a store code if needed, like this:

SetEnvIf Host www\.tennisukdomain\.co.uk MAGE_RUN_CODE=tennis_uk
SetEnvIf Host www\.tennisukdomain\.co.uk MAGE_RUN_TYPE=store
SetEnvIf Host ^tennisukdomain\.co.uk MAGE_RUN_CODE=tennis_uk
SetEnvIf Host ^tennisukdomain\.co.uk MAGE_RUN_TYPE=store

But this is not working for some reason. Does anybody know the correct way to get this working. By loading a store view instead of a website each time it will cut down on the amount of configuration I have to do in the admin.

Any help much appreciated.

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Which version of Magento? "store" is the default run type, btw. – benmarks Apr 24 '12 at 12:35
It's version 1.6.2 – Adam Moss Apr 24 '12 at 12:36
Quick debug: crack open index.php and var_dump($_SERVER) to check that your mod_env directives are working correctly. – benmarks Apr 24 '12 at 12:39
I have dumped the server details but cannot see where mod_env is mentioned. Which key tells me this info? – Adam Moss Apr 24 '12 at 13:05
mod_env is what you are using in your .htaccess file (SetEnvIf). If it is working you should see your environment variables in the dump of the $_SERVER superglobal. – benmarks Apr 24 '12 at 13:50

You can do it by code. For example:


$host = explode(':', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
$dname = substr($host[0], -3,3);

switch ($dname) {
case '.uk':
   $store = 'tennis_uk';
case '.fr':
   $store = 'tennis_uk';
   $store = '';

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