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I am using Imagick latest version & PHP 5.3. When I try to create a thumbnail for images (code below), the script uses too much CPU. How can I set limits on resource consumption on Imagick?

$thumb = new Imagick();
$thumb->thumbnailImage(200, null);


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What are you trying to do? If you are trying to create a thumbnail each time a user visits the page you are going to create a very heavy load on the CPU very quickly. You can solve this by only generating the image once and saving it to a thumbnail directory.

You can also set PHP to have a specific memory limit using the PHP.ini or ini_set commands. See here and here.

I do not think you can specifically set a memory limit in imagemagick unless you can set the command line parameters yourself (Last answer here)

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My Advice

A. Take Advantage of Cache

B. Don't generate Thumb all the time

C. Use a Job Queing System such as Gearman or beanstalkd to generate thumbs so that you don't have to do it instantly

Example only generate thumb when the original file has been modified

$file = "a.jpg" ;
$thumbFile = "a.thumb.jpg" ;
$createThumb = true;
    if((filemtime($file) - 10) < filemtime($thumbFile));
        $createThumb = false;

if($createThumb === true)
    $thumb = new Imagick();
    $thumb->thumbnailImage(50, null);
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