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i am using the Google Maps v2 api (yes i know its old - i had to choice), on this page. Basically you click on one of the links on the left and it takes you to a map with that store marked, nice and simple you'd think, but not for IE7.

The map page itself is a separate html page, that is loaded into this page in an iframe, this page is then loaded into the landing page via ajax (don't ask). If i hit the map page (the page with the iframe) in IE7 on its own then it displays fine, but it is when it is loaded in via ajax that the map starts to look very ropey. It looks like png transparency issues, but i can't figure out why being loaded via ajax would cause this.

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Works fine for me in IE7 (no shadows, which looks odd, but it's the same in Firefox). I see no PNG issues. You are right that opacity and transparency cannot co-exist, and opacity wins (transparent areas are not transparent); but I see no issues. I take it you have force-cleared your cache? –  Andrew Leach Apr 24 '12 at 11:10
Hi Andrew, yeah i switched shadows off as they were causing some issues too. I have cleared my cache, and still get the white bg on the info bubble tail and the corners. –  El Guapo Apr 24 '12 at 13:26
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