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Trying to do something I'm sure should be simple, but struggling with linq and VB. I've got the below, where I'm grouping a collection by a propery, then wanting to access the properties of my group. Problem I have is with the anonymous typing. Because of option strict I have to give an explicit type but I can't work out what the type should be. The below doesn't compile because t.HeadAccountKey isn't a value (as t has a type of object). So either I need do some casting or my linq selector is wrong,

public class TempObject
    public HeadKey as string
    Public SubKey as string
    Public SomeValue as decimal
end class

public class GroupTest
public sub RunTest
    dim collection new List(of TempObject) = GetTestCollection()

    Dim groupedValues As IEnumerable = From n In collection _
        Group By key = n.HeadKey Into Group Select HeadKeyValue = key, SubValues = Group

    for each t as object in groupedValues

End sub

private function GetTestCollection() as List(of TempObject)
    dim result as new list(of tempobject)
    Dim x As New tempObject
    x.HeadAccountNumber = "A"
        x.SubAccountNumber = "B"
        x.Value = 500
        x = New tempObject
        x.HeadAccountNumber = "A"
        x.SubAccountNumber = "C"
        x.Value = 600
        x = New tempObject
        x.HeadAccountNumber = "B"
        x.SubAccountNumber = "D"
        x.Value = 100
    return result
end function
End class
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You don't need to specify the type, at least with Option Infer on(recommendable, not to be confused with Option Strict).

So following works:

Dim collection = GetTestCollection()
Dim groupedValues = From n In collection
    Group n By n.HeadKey Into Group

For Each t In groupedValues
    Dim hk = t.HeadKey
    Dim group = t.Group
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Ah, of course, that does the trick. Thanks – user1353548 Apr 24 '12 at 12:51

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