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I am trying to get this return:

Google API

Into a Python iterable object

So far I have this:

request = "" % (self._output, self._address, self._sensor)
data = urllib.urlopen(request).read()
decoded_data = json.loads('[%s]' % data).pop()
    if decoded_data.get("status") == "OK":
        return decoded_data
    return ""

However this only turns the outer "wrapper" into a dictionary. I want to decode the entire block so I can access the values easily and raise exceptions where needed.

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It's rather unclear to me what you are trying to do. Why doesn't json.loads(data) do the trick? – Sven Marnach Apr 24 '12 at 11:50

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Why are you wrapping it in a list? It's a JSON object, which maps very cleanly to a Python dictionary. Just do decoded_data = json.loads(data), then you can do decoded_data['results'][0]['formatted_address'] etc.

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nevermind the list, I am trying to find a clean method to get to the deeper values avoiding too much nesting – Hedde van der Heide Apr 24 '12 at 12:17

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