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in wpf, i can addHook as below'

HwndSource src = HwndSource.FromHwnd(new WindowInteropHelper(this).Handle);
if (src != null) src.AddHook(WndProc);

but, how can i get WndProc from the HwndSource? or can i get get the flag the WndProc is add?

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You are not supposed to get WndProc from anywhere. The parameter to AddHook is a delegate of type HwndSourceHook that you will supply yourself; after all, this is why you bother to call AddHook in the first place.

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thx for your help.but why i want to check the HwndSourceHook is , second AddHook's WndProc will override first AddHook's WndProc. – GeminiYellow Apr 24 '12 at 12:33

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