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I am trying to execute a batch file to copy my files to another server under the 'execute batch or shell script' option of PostBuildScript plugin of jenkins. Below are the commands in my .bat file.

net use \\ /user:admin password
xcopy "C:\Program Files\Jenkins\workspace\Deployment code Test" "\\DeployServer\Workspace\Builds" /S/E/H/D/Y/V/C/I/K/R/X

When the .bat file is run from a command prompt it runs as expected and completing its actions. My problem is that when I run it through Jenkins it gives following error messages:

System error 1312 has occurred. A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. Invalid drive specification 0 File(s) copied

any work around for this..?

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The "net use" command is not available when running a LocalSystem account. Change the account that's running Jenkins, or use the Publish Over CIFS plugin.

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How to change the account that running Jenkins? I am working with Administrator account and thus I am confused about this bug.. – Bijoy K Jose Apr 25 '12 at 6:06

Task Manager -> Services Tab -> Click Services button -> Select Jenkins Services -> Right click and go to Properties -> select Log On tab -> Select 'This Account' as the log on option -> Enter Administrator credentials -> Apply, Save and Restart the Service solved the issue.

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