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I have to display profile completness meter in cakePHP 2.0. I have found several but not find any script for it. If any one know any script for this in php or cakephp 2.0. please help me.

thanks in advance..:)

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Like a progressbar? jQuery UI has a progressbar that's shiny and easy to use and theme: jQuery UI Progressbar

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thanks nyson but is there any easy way to find out how may fields are empty or full in profile table with respected user. – Er. Anurag Jain Apr 24 '12 at 12:28
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thanks for help. I got solution of my problem.

SELECT SUM((`field1` = '') + (`field2` IS NULL) + (`field3` = ''))  FROM profiles where id = 1

Where if field is string type the ='' , if field default value set NULL then IS NULL and if field type is int then use =0.

thanks all of yoou once again.

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