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If I want to match x.gif and y.gif, is it possible to pass a URL to map.connect that encompasses the possibilities of both filenames something like this:

map.connect "public/images/:name.gif",
  :controller => "static_image_controller",
  :action => "serve"

And then receive the param in my StaticImageController as params[:name]?

class StaticImageController < ApplicationController
  def serve
    image_name = params[:name]
    image = File.read(File.join(Rails.root, image_name))
    send_data image, :type => "image/gif", :disposition => "inline"

Besides the fact that what I am doing here violates the principles of convention over configuration in Rais, does this look right?

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map.connect '/public/images/:filename', :filename => /\.gif$/

will do it.

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What's the last part for? (:filename => /\.gif$/) –  pepe Jun 22 '09 at 22:58
it says that for the route to apply, the filename parameter has to match the regex /\.gif$/ –  Ben Hughes Jun 22 '09 at 23:00

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