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JSF can validate the input values. Can anybody say where JSF validates..?

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possible duplicate of JSF2 Validation Clientside or Serverside? –  BalusC Apr 24 '12 at 12:55

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I think both answers are a bit unclear, therefore I would like to summarize:

1.) JSF as it is, always performs the validation on server side! Validation in JSF is a part of JSF component lifecycle. The life-cycle is triggered when you submit some data. I do not want to go in details but the life-cycle goes through the phsaes (Restore the component, trigger conversions, validate the converted values, execute actionlisteners and actions, render the reponse)

2.) The validation that feels like client-site validation is when you use ajax support in JSF. What this method does is that it requests the execution of only some html fields. JSF performs the same life-cycle as for the ordinary requests. The difference is that it converts and validates only the components you specify, and renders the output only for components you specified. Therefore, ajax supported validation in JSF is also preformed on the server-side!

3.) I have to disagree that third-party libraries provide client-side validation.

Primefaces integrates jQuery UI, but it still uses the ajax aproach to validate data. You can write your own jQuery JS to validate certain field, but I would not do it. It is painful to write and hard to manage duplicated validation logic.

Richfaces provides partial client-side validation. It provides JS implementation for some of the JSR 303 and JSF validators. Therefore, real client-side JS validation is provided, but only for the validators for which JS implementation exists. See: http://planet.jboss.org/post/richfaces_4_client_side_validation

Ice faces as being a Primefaces clone do not provide client-side validation.

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Server always and client sometimes.

The client may validate certain types of input using HTML/Javascript as a usability enhancement. However that and all other input will always be validated on the server when the client posts information back to the server.

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Just as a follow up to @Mike Q, JSF can do validation either on client side or server side. However, built into JSF lifecycle (which takes place on the server side) is a validation phase. It is possible for a component to not have server side validation, but that is not recommended . All of the standard components provide server side validation.

JSF Components can also provide client side validation. Many of the third-party JSF component libraries (PrimeFaces, RichFaces, ...) provide this.

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"Client side" validation in JSF component libraries is more than often just server side validation which is performed by ajax which simulates a very quick "client side" experience. –  BalusC Apr 25 '12 at 5:05

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