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I am using the following which is working perfectly to display friends' names

$access_token = "___access-token___";
$friendsList = json_decode(file_get_contents("".$access_token),true) ;
$data = $friendsList['data'] ;

foreach ($data as $nr => $friends)
 echo $friends['name'].'<br /><br />';  // line AAA     

But if try change line AAA to e.g. $friends['birthday'] or $friends['picture'] I get nothing?? Any ideas?

BTW, RE birthday, I have friends_birthday in scope to allow this info

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Define wanted fields directly in the request:,picture

If you are allowed to see the friend's birthday - it will be in the result row

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if you want basic profile for each friend
- call

to get extended profile

if you want much more extensive profile details, you will need to have necessary permissions see;

to be able to get extended profile information, you

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Friend only contains name and id, you have to link it to the user table to get the birthday of your friend by using the friend id.

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