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the full error message is:

"The Project 'my.project.name' is under source control. An error occurred registering this project with source control. It is recommended that you do not make any changes to this project."

It seems that I can make the error message go away, and load the project correctly by opening the csproj file, and remove all nodes with names starting with "scc" - however, then I have to confirm wanting to use the solution Source control settings every time I open the solution.

Any suggestions?

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Please open the *.csproj file of your project then replace the following tags:




Close the solution, close VS, reopen VS and then your problem will be resolved.

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Can we elaborate on this a little bit? "Scc" is "SouceControlSomething" and SAK is... what, directing visual studio to go to TFS's... SAK? Can somebody out there who is connected with Visual Studios built-in source control facilities tell me what the values are for these elements? –  Groostav Feb 1 at 20:40
They can be set by other Source Control Providers. I resolved my issue by removing SVN from these tags, as the project had previously been under another Source Control System (in this case Tortoise SVN). –  Johny Skovdal Mar 5 at 11:16
This is a terrific answer! Thank you very much. IMHO this is a far superior answer to the accepted, as it does not involve a troubleshooting process that would break many solutions for larger projects. –  Zachary Kniebel Apr 24 at 15:08
Definitely the only useful response I had here to fix my similar problem. –  Ian S. Apr 28 at 12:39

The problem is with the *.csproj.user and if you have source control with the *.csproj.vspscc (in VS2012). Delete both, close the solution, close VS, reopen VS using the Run As (preferably administrator) and it should be fine.

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I would try with removing the previous source control bindings in the .csproj file and then (re-)bind it using File->Source Control->Change Source Control...

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In case anyone else has the same problem: We ended up solving it taking a backup of the project, removing the project from the solution, checking the solution into source control without it, and then adding the project again.

Luckily it was a new small project, with very little history - I would hate having to do this with a large old project...

I would probably try tbergstedt's suggestion first, if I where you.

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