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I have in backbone instantiated view like

var m=new StyleModel();
var a=new StyleView({"model":m,"el":$("#price")});

el is row like

<tr id="price">
<button class=".bold"/>
<button class=".italic"/>

how to find nodes for bold and italic ? I need to toggle class to that nodes.

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First of all, I think your HTML should look like this:

<button class="bold"/>
<button class="italic"/>

You don't want the . in the class attribute, that's for class selectors.

Inside your view, you'll have this.$el:

A cached jQuery (or Zepto) object for the view's element.

and this.$:

If jQuery or Zepto is included on the page, each view has a $ function that runs queries scoped within the view's element. [...] It's equivalent to running: view.$el.find(selector).

So you can do either of these:

this.$el.find('.bold')   // bold elements
this.$el.find('.italic') // italic elements


Or even:


Older versions of Backbone won't have this.$el but they will have this.$; other than that, it is a matter of personal preference which one you use.

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