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The problem drove me crazy, there is a package in npm database, but it has some bugs, which are already fixed in github, how could I make use of the fixed version(github version)?

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You can install directly from a URL, example:

npm install

You can find the URL on Github under "Downloads" on any project page. Select the "Download as tar.gz" link.

Or you can install a tarball:

npm install foo.tar.gz

See npm install(1).


I should mention that this works equally well in package.json files. Specify the URL instead of the version in your dependencies, like so:

"dependencies": {
  "foo": "",
  "bar": "1.2.x",
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Either add the module as a git sub-module (using git submodule) to your project or tell the module maintainer to update the version and trigger a npm publish to update the npm repository.

When using the sub-module way, be aware that you cannot update the reference using npm-commands.

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thanks, i will try when needed :-) – aaron Apr 25 '12 at 12:01

Other temporary solution, get the github project and use npm link ( to link the local folder obtained through git to your node_modules folder in your own project. Anyway in the end, you'll have to wait for the project maintainer to do a npm publish.

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cool, I will try that – aaron Apr 25 '12 at 12:01

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