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who can write a function to get clients Time zone,return value like:EDT EST IST and so on

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stackoverflow.com/questions/6939685/… May be a duplicate? – Sandeep Nair Apr 24 '12 at 13:30
You really don't want abbreviations like that. If you get CST, is it China Standard Time (UTC + 8), or Cuba Standard Time (UTC - 5)? – Dagg Nabbit Apr 24 '12 at 13:33
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toTimeString() method give time with the timezone name try out below...

var d=new Date();
var n=d.toTimeString();     


03:41:07 GMT+0800 (PHT) or 09:43:01 EDT 



Check : Automatic Timezone Detection Using JavaScript

download jstz.min.js and add a function to your html page

    <script language="javascript">
        function getTimezoneName() {
            timezone = jstz.determine_timezone()
            return timezone.name();
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Use the Date().getTimezoneOffset() function and then build a hash table from this URL timeanddate to relate it to if you want to use the time zone value.

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If you look at the result of calling the toString method of a Date object, you'll get a value that's something like "Tue Apr 24 2012 23:30:54 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time)". This will depend on what your system locale is set to.

From there you can match each capital letter within the parentheses.

var paren = new Date().toString().match(/\(.+\)/);
return paren ? paren[0].match(/([A-Z])/g).join("") : "";

The catch is that not every browser will include the parenthesised values.

If you're targeting Firefox with a known Java plugin, you can also exploit the java object in Javascript to create a new TimeZone (java.util.TimeZone) object based on a name (eg. "America/Los_Angeles"), then call the getDisplayName method to give you the name.

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Unfortunately I get "Thu Sep 11 2014 11:29:07 GMT+1000 (EST)" when I use new Date().toString(); in Australia in Chrome. This is confusing due to the US EST time zone GMT-0400. – Chris Gunawardena Sep 11 '14 at 1:32

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