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I have site http://www.d1210091-6206.cp.blacknight.com/site/home/ having alignement issue for zoom in & out for the particular section (News & fb ) div id footerwrapper on the page. All other are aligned centerly on zoom in & out.

I am sending you the screen shot also. http://screencast.com/t/e95jEwR6dki

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I check your code, if you touch the file style.css, the style for the element #footer, and if you don't use

float: left; margin-left: 210px; width: 600px

Erase it, the div#footer will be centered. But at all the facebook section, you will find it with a little crop on the top. You can leave some margin or padding for that.

In a temporary Backup old shool method, you can use the tag (not recommended if you want to change the styles more freely), with two columns and width specified width for each one.


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i remove these styles from the footer div as you mentioned above, but now it move to right even on 100% zoom level. d1210091-6206.cp.blacknight.com/site/product/… Please check the screenshot also. screencast.com/t/KY2KpJxv –  inderpreet singh Apr 24 '12 at 14:08
Hi. I check the above link, I got a 404 Not Found, did you change the product? I check it in chrome, firefox 12, also exploter 9 and safari 5.0.5. Did you already fixed? It look fine, nothing like the screencast.com image –  ibpeco Apr 25 '12 at 10:28

You have to delete "margin-left: 210px" from #footer. It overwrites the "margin: 0 auto;" from .container-12 class.

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