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Using a iframe where I call a site from my webspace, Using one css file with body {background-color: #222}.

The iframe src also use this CSS file. The Problem is that the body in the iframe need another background-colour.


iframe>body { background-color: #other }

Any idea or suggestions?

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I assume the iframe takes up a smaller portion of your site. In that case I would advice you to simply use a div with the same size of the iframe is loaded, and giving this div the proper background-color.

OR: include a style property in the source of the iframe page:

    <style>body {background-color:#COLOR}</style>
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easiest work around thanks –  Denny Mueller Apr 24 '12 at 14:15

This question is similar to How to apply css to iframe content?. Basically you can use jQuery to change the CSS properties in the iframe

    background-color: '#333333'

Edit: You may need to add that when the iframe loads:

        background-color: '#333333'
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In the page that the iframe contains, link another stylesheet and then change all the CSS styles that you wish to.

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I wanne avoid to use 2 css files –  Denny Mueller Apr 24 '12 at 14:04
have you tried adding a class to the iframe and then referring it by .Class>body {style : style } –  Eric Frick Apr 24 '12 at 14:10

ive used this and it works for me. (and its sooooo easy!)

in your CSS file put:

iframe { background-color:orange; }

Just change the "orange" to whatever color you need. Thats it!


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Remember that a Javascript can modify only properties of iframe with the same origin of the site, otherwise you'll get a Security Error.

Protocols, domains and ports must match.

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