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here it's routes.db

resources :licenses  do 
 resources :sublicenses do
  resources :time_licenses

Then there is a client application that calls time_licenses_controller for creating new time_licenses, the controller responds with a json file, but i don't need to show any view.

Somewhere else instead i need to show to the client an index file including all time_licenses for every sublicense. That's the path


Now i have a problem with the routes. When i call the create on time_licenses_controller i get this error:

No route matches "/time_licenses.js"

that i can solve changing the routes.db file like this

resources :time_licenses
resources :licenses  do 
 resources :sublicenses

but in that case i get the same error linking the index view.

What do you suggest me? Do i have to create two different controllers?

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Since you are using nested resources, you will always need to specify license and sublicense while specifying the path to timelicense. Your path helpers will be:

license_sublicense_timelicense_path(@license, @sublicense, @timelicense) and so on

You can get the path names for the timelicense by

rake routes

Refer rails guides - nested resources for any doubts.

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Thank you very much, now i get it. The only annoying thing is that my client has to send a request like /licenses/1/sublicenses/1/time_licenses.js but in the end i don't need all those parameters. – daniel Apr 25 '12 at 8:26

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