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I want to integrate my app with Authorize.Net. I have followed the Steps given in tutorial.

Some how I have managed to create an Library project anet_android_sdk. Now my library project anet_android_sdk showing no error. But when I created a new project as in step 3. I am getting error.

import net.authorize.android.AuthNet;
import net.authorize.android.AuthNetActivityBase;
import net.authorize.android.SimpleActivity;
import net.authorize.android.button.AuthNetButton;

This import statement are not resolved.

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Finally some how I managed to solve it.Actual problem was with the creating a anet_android_sdk library project and adding it to my project.

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can you explain me how to create anet_android_sdk? i m working on same. –  Hitesh Kamani Feb 28 at 7:26
Did you check this github.com/AuthorizeNet/sdk-android? –  AB1209 Mar 2 at 7:09
yes I checked that code. can you provide me any sample application with sdk? –  Hitesh Kamani Mar 2 at 7:11
This post might help stackoverflow.com/questions/24485899/…. –  AB1209 Mar 2 at 7:19

May be you have problem with adding jar file,Go to your project properties -> java Build Path -> order and Export and select jar file in checkbox then clean project .. May be this can help you

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