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I want to embed a wysiwyg editor in a desktop application written in java. Being able to store the data in a user-friendly format would be a big plus. Markdown is becoming the de-facto standard for simple text formatting, so that would be the preferred format. However, it appears that most (all?) wysiwyg editors out there store the data in html.

Is there any that supports markdown? If not, how would I implement one?

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So you want a WYSIWYG editor that provides output in markdown, that's it: the editor internally uses HTML, then it must be converted to markdown so you can later turn that markdown into HTML. Right? And due to the use of WYSIWYG the user wont' see the HTML or the Markdown. So Why do you want specifically Markdown instead of any WYSIWYG editor? –  AlfonsoML Jun 11 '12 at 17:04

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Try Pagedown, the editor used in StackOverflow. You can easily build your own "preview" area as you can see in their demo.

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Pagedown is written in JavaScript, but the question is about a solution for Java ("Java" and "JavaScript" are completely different technologies). –  user1364368 Jun 21 '14 at 9:00

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