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We have been developping an application for a company (without any specific contract). Now, the company has decided to publish (submit) the app in its’s own name as they would have developped the APP themselves. How can we protect ourself legally from that and can we go to court for indemnities for that?



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In short no contract = nothing legally binding from either parties

Obviously it very much depends on what has been said and agreed by the two parties, there are two main things to consider as far as I would think

  1. They paid for the development and design, it's theirs and they can do what they want with it
  2. Even if there is no contract they can't pass off things that someone else has done as they're own.

I would consider seriously if it is worth taking this up in court, if it is a big company or it might be the next big thing then maybe it would be. Ultimately it depends if you think you really stand to lose out financially, but I would consider taking some proper legal advice - that maybe enough to make them U turn...

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My boss found a sollution with this compagny, they agree a contract before delivering the sources. thanks for you answer. –  Lord St John May 8 '12 at 10:31

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