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I have the following code:

def causes_exception(lamb):
       return False
       return True

I was wondering if it came already in any built-in library?


Edit: Thx for all the commentary. It's actually impossible to detect whether code causes an exception without running it -- otherwise you could solve the halting problem (raise an exception if the program halts). I just wanted a syntactically clean way to filter a set of identifiers for those where the code didn't except.

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I'm not aware of that function, or anything similar, in the Python standard library.

It's rather misleading - if I saw it used, I might think it told you without calling the function whether the function could raise an exception.

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I agree. Not that i've ever encountered such a method. –  Josiah Jun 23 '09 at 0:40

No, as far as I know there is no such function in the standard library. How would it be useful? I mean, presumably you would use it like this:

if causes_exception(func):
    # do something
    # do something else

But instead, you could just do

except SomeException:
    # do something else
    # do something
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There's assertRaises(exception, callable) in unittest module and this is probably the only place where such check makes sense.

In regular code you can never be 100% sure that causes_exception you suggested are not causing any side effects.

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