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application uses codeigniter and tank_auth with it. I need to add some more data to add ci_sessions table. I could not find where a data is inserted to ci_sessions. Where it is, in which folder or controller or library?

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I think link will help: stackoverflow.com/questions/2177742/… –  Gerep Apr 24 '12 at 15:13
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I found it: it is in system/libraries/Session.php

but altering library tank_auth.php sounded better than Session.php

for similar questions: I changed this

    'user_id'   => $user->id,
    'username'  => $user->username,
    'status'    => ($user->activated == 1) ? STATUS_ACTIVATED : STATUS_NOT_ACTIVATED,

to this:

     'user_id'  => $user->id,
     'username' => $user->username,
     'status'   => ($user->activated == 1) ? STATUS_ACTIVATED : STATUS_NOT_ACTIVATED,
     'language'  => $user->language,

by adding $user->language with addition to the language column to users table in database.

the data is still stored in ci_sessions table but in user_data column.

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